About Purano Ghar

We are a young theater group established in 2017, with the aim to recreate a space for enthusiastic and dedicated theatre artists where we can produce quality play. Purano Ghar will be the space where professional and blooming artists will hone their skill, while exploring their own style and genre in cohorence with other forms of arts, such as painting, music, poetry and more.

At Purano Ghar, we want to make proactive approach to our learning, exploring and performing journey for which workshops, technical trainings and formal & informal interactions on various possible form of art will be conducted in a regular intervals.

Since, theaters in Nepal are mainly focused in city, specially in Kathmandu, we strongly realize the need for theater activities in the rural parts of the country. With this knowledge, we equally focus on encouraging and envolving artists by providing equal opportunity and participation, regardless of caste, ethnicity, gender and disabilities from rural Nepal.


To provide an inclusive platform where artists will produce plays of contemporary society in the best possible creative capacity.

We Believe

Since theater is a strong means of creative expression, it is a need of every society and civilization to express and communicate ideas, emotions, orders and disorders of their environment in an effective manner. We believe that theater, as an integral part of society, has potential and responssibility to make significant impact with authenticity and sense of aestheticism, to bring positive change in the society.

Puranoghar Team

Srijana Adhikari


Kenipa Singh

Seniour Executive Vice-President

Kundan Chanudhary

Theater Manager

Sulakchan Bharati

Artistic Director


  • To provide enriching entertainment to the community.
  • To search original stories of indigenous lives, those are waiting to be told.
  • To collect, translate and archive the stories and plays from around the globe.
  • To develop artists networks in local and connect them to the global one.
  • To establish Purano Ghar theater house in every Province.
  • To organize Theatre Festival .
  • To create platform for art of all possible forms in all the seven Provinces in Nepal.

Future Endeavour

  • To develop a free online art and literature library
  • To create library space
  • To build mobile black box theatre with the capacity to perform for 350 audience
  • To reach out to the places in rural Nepal where theatre has not been introduced

Core Values

Spiritually aware and culturally harmonious community is the essential need of Nepali society that is possible only by addressing and envolving ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity to flourish them in their originality.

Sustainability is a necessity to give continuity to our vision, which is why we are committed to maintain integrity, fairness and accountability among everyone involved in Purano Ghar.