Spiritually aware and culturally harmonious community is the essential need of Nepali society that is possible only by addressing and envolving ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity to flourish them in their originality.

Sustainability is a necessity to give continuity to our vision, which is why we are committed to maintain integrity, fairness and accountability among everyone involved in Purano Ghar.

Sunday to Friday Classes : 7 AM - 12 PM

We Believe

Since theater is a strong means of creative expression, it is a need of every society and civilization to express and communicate ideas, emotions, orders and disorders of their environment in an effective manner. We believe that theater, as an integral part of society, has potential and responssibility to make significant impact with authenticity and sense of aestheticism, to bring positive change in the society.

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Writer/Direction : Sarwanam Parikcchyarthi Samuha 12th Batch

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Mandala Theatre

Club 7

Writer :Improvisation Play
Director: Daya Hang Rai/ Rajan Khatiwada
Start Date: 5/12/2018

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Teen Bahini

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Kunja Theatre

ANdheri Nagari Chaupat Raja

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PuranoGhar Theater

PuranoGhar is opening its own theatre very soon...
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